Hello my dear family!

I’m very happy to be finally sending you this email, as I’m sure you’re excited to be receiving it! The boat ride was great, each day was an ‘eat, sleep, look at birds, repeat’ sort of thing and I thoroughly enjoyed it, the last few days were super calm as well so we spent ages out on the bridge looking at albatrosses and Bonin petrels.

The arrival on Kure was incredible, we all did a chant (like a powhiri called oli kahea) and had 200 spinner dolphins following our boat on the way in!

The amount of albatrosses here is CRAZY! It is literally like a minefield of tiny babies and I’ve almost had a Laysan albatross fly into me or walk into me and as they don’t seem to care too much about us at all.

My little room is super cool, i’ve got your photos on the wall and my flag hanging up too. I’m living out of buckets in terms of clothes for the moment but ive managed to get myself a room with a desk and some shelves so I can store my art stuff. It’s the same room that Virginie used!

It’s still setting in how incredible it is here, I feel at home already (it feels just like Great Barrier) waking up to albatrosses outside my door is super super super cool.

I love and miss you all so much but I’ll be in touch again soon!

lots of love and albatross hugs,