Hōlanikū (Kure Atoll)

Kure. At the northwestern edge of the Hawaiian archipelago.

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DLNR-DOFAW’s Main Work on Kure

Habitat Restoration

There is a large focus on native plant restoration and invasive plant eradication with time also dedicated to pest management. Large projects to highlight are the Laysan Duck Translocation Project, US-Coast Guard Runway Restoration Project, and the Dune Creation & Restoration Project.

Natural Resource Protection

All of the monitoring efforts that inform management decisions which include monitoring of seabirds, Laysan ducks, shorebirds, monk seals, honu, and the ecosystem.

Biosecurity & Conservation Management

The preventative measures to minimize and reverse human impact across all of our operations.

Hawaiian Science Research & Practices

Where the integration of culture is at the forefront of adaptive management development.

Outreach Education

Where education gets creative to bring more community engagement to our efforts.

Pollution Reduction

Where the direct removal of human hazards, impacts, and waste is conducted

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