Hello All! We have officially finished our first month on Green Island, in Kure Atoll. Now that things have settled we are all starting to fall into place and fit into a rhythm. I wanted to share a bit of what our daily lives consist of to paint a betterRead More →

Hello all! We’ve completed our first few days on Kure! It has been so amazing, overwhelming and beautifully exhausting all at the same time. We left Honolulu on April 4th aboard the cargo ship, the Kahana. The minute we crossed into the Marine Monument everything transformed. I could feel myRead More →

As we patiently await a final pickup date after another short extension to our time on Green Island, Kure Atoll, those of us here have finally had the reality check that we will soon be returning to a world we’ve spent a great deal of time away from. In spendingRead More →

We’ve marched well over the six-month mark and with less than a month left here on Green Island, Kure Atoll, our few remaining days are quickly passing by. Besides the obvious cleaning and packing that is still before us to let us know the field season is ending, there have beenRead More →