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Biosecurity Video

Related Partners

Oikonos Ecosystem Knowledge

Oikonos Ecosystem Knowledge is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in US & NGO in Chile and, over the years, has worked with Kure to answer critically important questions for albatross populations on Kure such as tracking flight patterns of Black-footed Albatross populations.

DLNR-DOFAW Official Website

The mission of DLNR’s Division of Forestry and Wildlife is to responsibly manage and protect watersheds, native ecosystems, and cultural resources and provide outdoor recreation and sustainable forest products opportunities, while facilitating partnerships, community involvement and education. Mālama i ka ‘āina

Video Media

Finding Honua Part 2 – Think Tech Hawaii Video Interview (2016)

Cynthia Vanderlip (DLNR/DOFAW Kure Atoll Field Station Supervisor), Jason Misaki (DLNR/DOFAW State Wildlife Manager), and Beth Flint (US Fish & Wildlife Service Supervisory Wildlife Biologist) discuss how global climate change is affecting Kure Atoll as well as other atolls and islands in the Pacific. Think Tech Hawaii is a Honolulu-based nonprofit digital media organization to promoting awareness of environmental and local government issues. 

For more information on all the ways that the State of Hawaii and Kure Atoll Conservancy are working together to manage these increasing affects please visit Our Work Page

Environmental Protection Protocols for Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument (2007)

Biosecurity Protocols for Papahānaumokuākea produced by Cynthia Vanderlip and Michael Holland for the State of Hawaiʻi (Department of Land and Natural Resources) as an informational video for Kure personnel preparing for field camps.

Visit our Biosecurity Page for more information on Protocols and Best Management Practices (BMP).

Conversation with Cynthia Vanderlip (2015)

An interview with Cynthia Vanderlip, Kure Atoll State Wildlife Refuge Field Camp Manager, produced in 2015 by the Hawaii State Department of Land and Natural Resources. 

DLNR Video Produced in 2015

DLNR Video Produced in 2013

Collaborations and Media Productions

Voyage To Kure By Jean Michel Cousteau. 2005.

The historic announcement by President Bush naming the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands a national monument and the world’s largest protected marine area was inspired in part by the PBS documentary series Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures Voyage to Kure, which premiered April 5, 2006 on PBS stations nationwide.

America’s Wild Spaces: Hidden Hawaii S1E35

The marine national monument that protects the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands encompasses an area bigger than all U.S. national parks combined, yet the majority of this wilderness has never been seen.

Artist makes a political statement incorporating plastic ingested by albatross into her art.

Swaantje Güntzel (*1972) is a Hamburg based German artist addressing alienated relationship between humanity and nature. Check out her site for more of her work.

German Magazine Highlights Albatross Plastic Ingestion

The stomach contents of one dead Laysan Albatross fledgling from the island of Kure Atoll. Plastic arranged by Dr Cynthia Vanderlip (Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources), Photograph by Rebecca Hosking. The image features on the cover of a special issue of the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society all about the effects of plastics on the environment and human health whose publication is mentioned in this magazine.

Books, Publications, & Reports

The Last Atoll by Pamela Frierson

The Last Atoll: Exploring Hawai’i’s Endangered Ecosystems. (2012) Trinity University Press, San Antonio, Texas. 299 pp.

Isles of Refuge by Mark Rauzon

Isles of Refuge: Wildlife and History of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. (2001) University of Hawai’i Press, Honolulu. 206 pp.

Eye of the Albatross by Carl Safina

Eye of the Albatross: Visions of Hope and Survival. (2002) Henry Holt & Company, New York. 377 pp.

The Natural History of Kure Atoll, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (1968)

Issued by Smithsonian Institution

The Characters and Probable History of the Hawaiian Rat (Gerrit S. Miller, Jr.), Ectoparasites of Some Polynesian and Malaysian Rats of the Genus Rattus (I.I. E. Ewing) (1924)

Bishop Museum Bulletin 14