Here I sit, atop the pier-shed roof, spellbound in a gorgeous scene that I could only dream of. To either side of me lay long, gently curving stretches of sun-washed sand gracefully hugging the vibrantly clear, turquoise water of the lagoon in front of me. Along the horizon, white waveRead More →

We’ve marched well over the six-month mark and with less than a month left here on Green Island, Kure Atoll, our few remaining days are quickly passing by. Besides the obvious cleaning and packing that is still before us to let us know the field season is ending, there have beenRead More →

As we patiently await a final pickup date after another short extension to our time on Green Island, Kure Atoll, those of us here have finally had the reality check that we will soon be returning to a world we’ve spent a great deal of time away from. In spendingRead More →