(By Ryan Potter) With my arrival late last week, it seemed as if the final piece of the puzzle had finally been placed. This, this all is happening. With just over a week till we arrive on Kure, there is no lack of excitement in finally getting out there. AsRead More →

“In the midst of a huge ocean, the tiny dots of sand that form Midway Atoll may seem insignificant, but its islands house a unique blend of elements from the world’s natural and historic treasury, including unsurpassed wildlife resources and remnants from one of the most decisive battles of WorldRead More →

I’ve been trying to write this blog all day, but I keep getting distracted. It’s just after 7 pm and I’m sitting at a picnic table near the kitchen. Loud, helicopter-esque wing beats just a moment ago announced the arrival of one of our Laysan Ducks, Yellow Y. She flewRead More →

Verbesina encelioides. Cenchrus echinatus. ‘Alena. Kawelu. Sweet Alyssum. Button Sedge. Shrubs. Grasses. Sprouts. Seeds. The list goes on and on. The characteristics start to blend together, your brain reaches a point of plant overload and you wonder how you might ever do what is asked of you. The simple taskRead More →

There is one thing for certain about life here on Kure; we live in one unbelievably picturesque place. Birds and wildlife aside, this island and atoll offer some of the most breathtaking images one could ever think to lay eyes upon. Precious white sand lines the beaches, reflecting the sun’sRead More →