One day as we were spraying an area that had its borders on the beach, a derelict fishing line in the lagoon caught the eyes of Matt, crew leader. A look with his mini binoculars that fit in our fanny pack, confirmed the presence of this entangled hazard in theRead More →

This week, Mother Nature gave us a nice break as for the Albatross chicks about to fledge: windy with an average of 15 mph and lower temperatures, lower than the previous +80ish degrees we sweat on! In my last post, I asked you to guess our grand total Albatross chicksRead More →

This week, we are counting the albatross chicks on the entire island before they fledge! I will let you guess our final count. Stay tuned next week when we release our final counts! A few weeks ago, we welcomed Nimz and David, monk seal technicians. They will stay on theRead More →