One day as we were spraying an area that had its borders on the beach, a derelict fishing line in the lagoon caught the eyes of Matt, crew leader. A look with his mini binoculars that fit in our fanny pack, confirmed the presence of this entangled hazard in theRead More →

Confession: despite five months of blog posts, there’s an aspect of life on Kure that I haven’t mentioned. Here’s the fact I’ve shared: Green Island is divided into 91 Restoration Areas (RAs). Here’s the detail I’ve omitted: buoys recycled from the endless marine debris have been strategically placed around theRead More →

There is one thing for certain about life here on Kure; we live in one unbelievably picturesque place. Birds and wildlife aside, this island and atoll offer some of the most breathtaking images one could ever think to lay eyes upon. Precious white sand lines the beaches, reflecting the sun’sRead More →