Bittersweet Bittersweet, adj. : both pleasant and painful It’s hard to put into words all of the emotions running through our bodies or the thoughts racing through our minds on the last days here on Green Island, Kure Atoll. As the hour’s tick by, we can’t help but feel ourRead More →

Aloha mai e nā maka heluhelu, nā ʻohana, a me nā hoa piha i ke aloha iā Hōlanikū. Ua hōʻea nō ka pau ʻana o ko mākou noho ʻana i Hōlanikū nei. Hō ka wikiwiki o ka holo ʻana o ka manawa! I loko o koʻu makemake ʻole e haʻalele,Read More →

The 22nd marked our fourth month here at Kure Atoll and though it has been long since our arrival and still close to three months until our departure, much has happened in the terms of comers and goers in the past few weeks here on Green Island. Unfortunately this wasn’tRead More →

(By Ryan Potter) With my arrival late last week, it seemed as if the final piece of the puzzle had finally been placed. This, this all is happening. With just over a week till we arrive on Kure, there is no lack of excitement in finally getting out there. AsRead More →