Meet the new Kure summer 2018 crew–we are a completely novice crew–all bright eyed and bushy tailed to get to Kure and being our work. Each member of our crew has traveled here to Honolulu from all over the nation. As we begin to document our work and daily lives on Kure we would like to introduce ourselves. We hope you will follow along with our journey as we spend our beautiful summer months enraptured with all Kure has to offer. Be sure to pass along all updates to friends and family. Below is a quick intro to each crew member.

Allison: Hailing from Erie, Pennsylvania, Allison has her degree in Environmental Science with a concentration in Wildlife Biology. She interned at a wildlife rehabilitation center working with injured birds of prey. A music fanatic, her ipod ranges from classic rock to hip-hop to fresh new indie tracks. You can always be sure to find her strolling along jamming out to her music while taking incredible wildlife shots with her camera. After Kure she plans to return to school to work on her masters degree.

Vladimir: From Norwalk, Connecticut, he joined our team off of grit, determination and hard work. Coming from a background in finance, he is taking his first step in pursuing his wildlife conservation dreams. He passions include music and art and he is also our resident film aficionado. His plans after Kure include perusing a degree in Ecology or evolutionary biology.

Leah: Growing up in a military family, she spent the majority of her teenage years in Las Vegas. She attended University of Nevada Las Vegas and got her degree in Biology. Her background ranges from desert tortoise work in the Mojave Desert to fisher conservation in the Sierra Mountains. One day she hopes to open a food truck, Chicken N’ Chocolate, specializing in a drumstick dunked in chocolate… the verdict is out.

Kelleigh: We’ve got a Texan in the house! Our household comedian, she keeps us laughing with her impressions and voices. With a degree in Biology from Stephen F. Austin State University she trained as a veterinary technician for her first few years out of college. She loves K-POP, root beer and her three sisters. After Kure she plans to continue her journey in the environmental conservation field and marry a K-POP star.

Morgan: The voice of your blog! A self-proclaimed “over-talker”, she was once described as being able to talk to a wall. Growing up in a small town in Maryland she attended Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina where she achieved a degree in Marine Science with a concentration in Informal Education. She has spent her years working for many different environmental conservation agencies and moving up and down the eastern seaboard as well as some time abroad in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. She hopes to keep you entrained and informed as she paints a picture of the trials and tribulations of life on Kure for the summer 2018 crew.

Brett: Our “localized” girl, she’s originally from Portland, Oregon but has been in Hawaii for 2 years working in the conservation field. She obtained a Marine Science degree from the University of Oregon, Oregon Institute of Marine Biology. Her hobbies include: growing native Hawaiian plants, making art, and rolling in the sand like a monk seal. She’s the life of the party and always makes sure we are all having a good time.

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