Yellow Wood Sorrel

Oxalis corniculata is a low growing non-native plant characterized by heart-shaped leaves growing in clusters of 3 and flowers with yellow petals. It is found in camp and in West Turnaround RA. It flowers when fairly small and is easy to overlook. It can be found year-round.

Oxalis has reddish stems and a characteristic pattern of 3 heart-shaped leaves.  The cotyledons, which are not persistent, are roughly round (photo below).

Description: A caespitose or creeping herb, with stems rarely exceeding 50 cm in length, usually rooting at nodes and ascending toward apices, variably pilose on stems, petioles, and leaflet blades; stipules usually present but inconspicuous, to 3 mm long; indument composed of eseptate hairs (sometimes hairs of capsules septate); petioles 1-6 cm long, the leaflets subsessile and subequal, the blades obcordate, 4-20 mm long and broad, incised 1/4 – 1/2 their length, the sinus acute to obtuse, the lobes usually rounded; inflorescences 1-6-flowered, usually 2-7 cm long, the bracts and bracteoles deltoid-linear, 0.5-3 mm long, the pedicels 4-15 mm long, with eseptate hairs; sepals lanceolate to narrowly ovate, 2.5-6 mm long; petals yellow, oblong subspathulate, somewhat larger than sepals; capsules subcylindric, acute, 5-20 x 2-4 mm, sometimes with septate hairs, with 5-10 seeds per locule. (Smith, 1985; pp. 625-626).