Tristram’s Storm Petril

Oceanodroma tristrami
Stated-recognized Indigenous
NatureServe Heritage Rank Vulnerable
North American Waterbird
Conservation Plan
High Concern
Regional Seabird
Conservation Plan
USFWS 2005
‘Akihike‘ehi‘ale Name Press Release

The name for the Tristram’s storm-petrel is ‘akihikeʻehiʻale, which translates to “the bird that steps on water.” This is an old name found in the writings of Hawaiian historian Kepelino and other Hawaiian language newspaper sources from the 1800s.

What’s in a Name?

A webinar related to the research of the Papahānaumokuākea Native Hawaiian Cultural Working Group tasked with giving Hawaiian names to numerous other bird, plant, limu, and coral species unique to PMNM