Hi Mum! I am feeling much better, obviously, I still miss you all like crazy, but all of the lovely messages have helped me to realise that I am actually lucky to be so homesick and that it is only temporary.

I really forced myself to try and find the inspiration I had when I first got here, and luckily it has come back. I have even written another piece – it was so great to be writing again.

Seeing my friends’ names on the list of people with messages was so nice too, and then seeing the names of family and your friends and even strangers was amazing! So many people who I have never even met before care so much about me. It’s such a cool feeling. I would write a whole book and send it back if I could! Knowing that my little stories from Kure are being enjoyed while you’re all stuck inside and surrounded by so much stuff about the virus makes me feel like I’ve still got a job to do and a connection back home which helps so much!

Thank you to every single person who took the time to write to me. It’s helped me so much and I am so grateful. Love, Charlie.