The M/V Kahana picks us up tomorrow. Just like that, our seven and a half month field season will come to an end and we will say our goodbyes to the place we’ve called home for quite some time. It’s been a busy end finishing out our last full week of restoration treatment and then prepping camp and ourselves for the seasonal crew switch happening tomorrow. We’ve packed our buckets, staged our gear, and it could be a long grueling day of offloading supplies but hopefully, the weather is on our side.

Still, it’s strange to think that tomorrow is our last day here. Though it seems like only yesterday when we stepped onto the island, we’ve done so much that it is hard not to feel embedded to the roots of everything around us, it almost felt like things weren’t set to end. I think the reality that our time is finished will sink in once we board the small boat and ride out into the lagoon and watch the sandy shore fade away in the distance. It will hit us that it this place is no longer us and the things we’ve experienced and now but memories.

But that is how field seasons go. In our time here, we couldn’t be happier with what we’ve accomplished and all feel our efforts are visible as you walk around the island. This season has been one to tip your hat on and leaves a strong feeling of optimism for the continued success of this program and island restoration progress set ahead.

It has been a privilege to be a part of the work here on Kure Atoll and to again experience the beauty this island has to offer. In a few short hours, we’ll start again the same process that began this adventure for us and in a few short days after that be home with all of your to share it with.

Till we land,
DLNR/DOFAR Kure crew-member Ryan Potter

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