Mau‘u ‘Aki‘aki
Fimbristylis stylis
Button sedge

General Information
Fimbristylis is a native sedge that grows in dense clusters of stiff, curved blades. Fimbristylis seedlings are very small and difficult to find at the cotyledon stage. Early leaves are both curled and curved, like later leaves, with additional leaves growing out in a rosette pattern.  Leaf shape and growth pattern at this age is similar to Eragrostis paupera.

Kure Background
It is common on the runway where it volunteered after the USCG left in 1993 and the process of scraping plants off the runway was discontinued. It is stunted by the runwayʻs hard substrate and it is one of the only plants that can grow there.  When birds nest in it they pull up tufts that roll down the runway distributing seeds.  Other populations exist on the north point, the road to the runway from camp and the USCG Monument area.  In soft deep sand the plant can grow to dinner plant size, but on the hard substrate, it is stunted to 6” in diameter and smaller.

Habitat Restoration
Great effort has been made to spread this plant in the seeps, on the hard roads and in areas that have been broken up on the runway. The seeds are eaten by the Laysan ducks.