The State of Hawaiiʻs DLNR/DOFAW Kure Atoll Wildlife Sanctuary research field station facilitates a comprehensive wildlife habitat restoration and natural resources education program of research, education, and facility development that services management actions needed to protect and maintain native wildlife resources and ecosystem function at Kure Atoll Wildlife Sanctuary.


With the exception of the lua (bathroom) and the bunkhouse, the other three structures--the main house, the cistern, and the tool shed--are old structures built in 1960 for the Coast Guard LORAN Station that was ongoing until 1993. Today, they are used to provide shelter, storage, and other basic needs for field camp operations.



Main House

When not working, the crew stays within the camp to rest and recuperate.  With a food pantry, kitchen, communications area, and entertainment bookshelf, the main house, and bunkhouse, is where most of one's time is spent on the days off.