Dune Restoration and Creation Project

The dune community is an integral part of the island ecosystem supporting many seabirds and native plants. The 20-foot dunes that rim Green Island on the west side are higher and more extensive than any other Northwestern Hawaiian Island dunes.

Weed eradication and expanding the resilient native plant community supports wildlife and reduces storm/climate change damage.  The integrity and function of Kure’s important dune-shrub complex are threatened by invasive plants that out-compete the native dune-stabilizing shrub Scaevola taccada (Naupaka). The dunes are considered critical habitat for the Hawaiian monk seal because they rest and pup in the dunes where they are protected from storms and sun.

Below is a grid of photos that demonstrate some of the priorities within the habitat restoration project that focuses directly on sand retention and stabilization through the use of native plants fit for such a task.