ʻĀkulikuli Sesuvium portulacastrum Sea purslane General Information Sesuvium is an introduced native plant, called ʻakulikuli, with fleshy, succulent leaves, red stems, and purple flowers. The succulent leaves of Sesuvium are relatively distinctive, only resembling Portulaca oleracea on Kure. Sesuvium leaves are much longer and more slender than Portulaca, and theRead More →

ʻEnaʻena Pseudognaphalium sandwicensium var. sandwicensium General Information Young P. Sandwicensium plants, called ʻenaʻena, are hairy, oval leaves slightly wider at the tip, with a silvery green appearance. As the leaves grow out they become long and slender with a broadly rounded tip. The leaves curl downward along the central axisRead More →