Glossy Nightshade Solanum americanum is a non-native plant in the same genus as Solanum nelsonii, native to but extinct on Kure. Solanum americanum is widespread but not abundant and shares with Verbesina characteristics such as broad serrated (saw-toothed) leaves. It can be found year-round but germinates in abundance in theRead More →

Japanese Pearlwort Sagina is a small, fleshy non-native plant with linear leaves growing in multiple rosettes from a central stem. It is seasonal, first occurring in November or December. It is fairly common in West Turnaround, Road to Runway, and Camp RAs. It is not clear if Sagina has distinctiveRead More →

Purslane Portulaca oleracea is a non-native cousin of Portulaca lutea, which is native to the Hawaiian Islands. It is found near the cistern and path in camp and occurs in several other locations on the island including the East turnaround. oleracea cotyledons are ovate (oval), often with a faint purpleRead More →

Yellow Wood Sorrel Oxalis corniculata is a low growing non-native plant characterized by heart-shaped leaves growing in clusters of 3 and flowers with yellow petals. It is found in camp and in West Turnaround RA. It flowers when fairly small and is easy to overlook. It can be found year-round.Read More →

Cutleaf Evening Primrose Oenothera laciniata is a non-native annual herb with long, slender, dentate (toothed) leaves and white flowers. The common name comes from the fact that flowers usually open just before sunset. It is now mostly found in camp and West Turnaround RA. Figure 78: Oenothera laciniata Oenothera cotyledonsRead More →