Dropseed Sporobolus is a perennial grass colonizing open areas and hard substrates. There is some die-back of older plants in the winter. It is characterized by broad tapering blades, and a relatively closed seed head on a long stalk. It is abundant on the runway, and common on the roadsRead More →

Bristly Foxtail Setaria is a widespread non-native grass on Kure, somewhat preferring open areas, and one of the few plants that seem to tolerate growing under Heliotropium. It is characterized by broad, pale blades, and though the blades have a central keel like Cenchrus and Eleusine, the pale blade colorationRead More →

Ditch Polypogon Polypogon is a seasonal grass first occurring in November or December. It resembles Poa annua, also seasonal, especially when it is small, so it is useful to study both of them prior to their appearance in the fall.  Polypogon is fairly widespread and can be found in theRead More →

Dwarf Eragrostis Eragrostis paupera, a native grass, is truly a dwarf. It can produce seed as little more than a sprout. Large plants are seldom more than a few inches tall or wide. It can be found abundantly on the runway but is rare elsewhere except due to out planting.Read More →

Japanese Lovegrass E. amabilis is a non-native plant that can generally be distinguished by prostrate stems with a reddish base, narrow leaves, and an open panicle (seed head). It is most commonly found in open areas in the dunes. It occurs in the interior but is probably often suppressed byRead More →