1 Pākalakala or Gray-backed Tern Sterna lunata SPECIES STATUS: State recognized as Indigenous NatureServe Heritage Rank G3/G4 – Vulnerable/Apparently secure North American Waterbird Conservation Plan – Moderate Concern Regional Seabird Conservation Plan – USFWS 2005 Species Information The pākalakala or gray-backed tern (Family: Laridae) is endemic to the central PacificRead More →

Ka manu kaʻupu hālō ʻalo o ka moana The kaʻupu, the bird that observes the ocean. Said of a careful observer [ʻŌlelo noʻeau #1437] 1 Kaʻupu – Blackfoot AlbatrossPhoebastria nigripes SPECIES STATUS: State-listed as Threatened State recognized as Indigenous Bird of Conservation Concern at the National Level NatureServe Heritage Rank G5Read More →