Naupaka Beach Naupaka Scaevola taccada General Information Naupaka is a ubiquitous native shrub along Hawai’i coastlines that in the Northwestern Hawaii Islands will form dense stands in places. In other places, there are less dense or pockets of naupaka with small clearings. It has large, rubbery bright green leaves andRead More →

Lepturus repens General Information Lepturus is native sedge to Kure. Lepturus cotyledons are long and relatively broad compared to the first true leaves, with a consistent width over most of the length of the blade, then tapering abruptly to a point.  The blades have fine but distinct striations. Kure BackgroundRead More →

Pōhuehue Ipomoea pes-caprae Beach Morning Glory General Info Ipomoea pes-caprae, called pōhuehue, is a cosmopolitan species found in sandy coastal areas throughout the Hawaiian archipelago. It is a strong vine, the smooth, broad leaves notched at the top; the flowers pink, bell-shaped; a white-flowered form is rare in Hawaiʻi; theRead More →