When the wind blows the buildings will creak, the trees will shake, and, sadly, some albatross chicks will find themselves a far ways from home. Over the course of last week, Kure Atoll was bombarded with strong winds and high surf making for quite an interesting scene. With winds speedsRead More →

Life on a remote island seemingly falls into a consistent routine especially when considering how little else there is to get up and go do besides what is in front of you. Over the past several months there has been a common trend for routines within camp and between theRead More →

This past weekend I found myself immersed in the unsightly task of cleaning grungy, dirt-covered pieces of plastic I had collected from around the island this season. Beside me sat nine different quart-sized bags filled with a conglomerate of objects: bottle caps, lighters, oyster fishery components, nurdles (the raw materialRead More →

By breeding on remote islands as many seabirds do, there is generally a lack of land-based predators for the birds to worry about or be threatened by. By utilizing far-flung specs of land like Green Island, Kure Atoll, seabirds are usually ensured a safe setting aside from facing the elementsRead More →