Seasoned Kure field biologist and Hawaii Pacific University grad student Ilana Nimz presented her poster at the Hawaii Conservation Conference (Pictured above) about the removal of the highly invasive weed Verbesinan encelioides at Kure Atoll and the subsequent Brown and Masked Booby population increases. The Kure brown booby population increasedRead More →

The A Perfect Day for an Albatross – Teacher’s Guide (8 pages, free download) features activities that target national science, math, writing, and art education standards for grades 1-3. This website provides background information and digital content to complement the printable Guide. More →

Wonderful work is done through partnerships with Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument! Click the album link here and find the album description below: “Fifty-three Bonin petrel and twenty-five Tristam’s storm-petrel chicks arrived at their new home at the James Campbell Wildlife Refuge after a six day boat ride, traveling from TernRead More →