Fly fishermen are brilliant. Andy, Eryn and I are trying on field kit that has arrived in the mail and so far the fly-fishing vests are our favorite items due to the pockets. We’re already choosing which pockets will hold our radios and admiring how different loops and built inRead More →

I’ve learned the hard way (read: scared off many men at bars) that the commonplace conversations that take place on a remote project site, don’t transfer well when you re-integrate into city life. A similar sentiment holds true for going to a field base. City knowledge and habits don’t alwaysRead More →

Today, Andy and I are staining wood for the Laysan ducks that were recently translocated to Kure Atoll. Maybe that sounds funny. We’re taking some lumber with us in order to build another guzzler to collect fresh water for the ducks. In order to meet the strict quarantine measures forRead More →

As I power wash a dead spider and her eggs out from under the lip of a bucket, I silently apologize that they aren’t invited on our trip. In two months, a team of six, including myself, is headed to Kure Atoll. Kure Atoll. I can’t even say the wordsRead More →

Aloha mai Readers, Welcome to the Kure Atoll field camp blog.  This blog was created to peek into the world of living on a remote atoll by sharing the thoughts and insights of current field campers.  I will kick the blog off by sharing some of my experiences on Kure andRead More →