‘Anunu (Sicyos maximowiczii)

Sicyos, a native plant, has become rare in the NW Hawaiian Islands.

It is a vine in the same family as the cucumber and has large leaves distinct from any other plant on Kure. It is common in the area north and west of East Turnaround RA and can be found in camp.

Sicyos cotyledons are relatively large, roughly elliptic, and the stem is stout. No other plant on Kure produces cotyledons at nearly this size.  The first true leaf is sometimes almost maple-leafed in shape, the margins initially somewhat toothed.

The true leaves grow in one at a time and become more rounded as they grow out on a long stem. The large size and light color of Sicyos leaves make them good at camouflaging Verbesina. Take care when treating areas with Sicyos as Verbesina will often be found hiding within.