ʻEnaʻena (Pseudognaphalium sandwicensium var. sandwicensium)

This variety of Pseudognaphalium, endemic to Kure and Midway Atolls, was not recorded on Kure until the 1960s. In 2001 it was reported as “occasional” near the living quarters, but there are no recent records of this species. It was recently discovered growing south of the runway in March 2014.

Young Pseudognaphalium plants have densely pubescent (hairy), obovate leaves (oval but wider at the tip), with a silvery green appearance. As the leaves grow out they become long and slender with a broadly rounded tip. The leaves curl downward along the central axis and upward from the base to tip.

Pseudognaphalium sandwicensium

Pseudognaphalium sandwicensium

Mature plants can grow as leggy ascending shrubs, though the plants observed on Kure tend towards dense, low growing mats in open areas. The flowers grow in compact clusters of fleshy globes and lack petals.

P. sandwicensium flower head Mature P. sandwicensium on Midway Atoll
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